God’s Word in our Hearts…

Tonight we celebrated with Anderson and tons of other kids the accomplishments they made this year in their scripture memory at Morningside Baptist Church.  It’s been so great to see our little “Cubbie” learning his Bible verses each week and eagerly ready for Sunday Nights at church.  Ashley and I are amazed at what he already knows about God’s Word.  Thank you to Coby, Kristy, and Mrs. Magurie, for all you did to help Anderson’s class this year in Cubbies.   

2 Comments on “God’s Word in our Hearts…

  1. Please tell Anderson that his Nana Rose is so very proud of him! Tell him that God loves him, and so do I !!!

  2. How precious!!!! Tell Anderson Bobby is very impressed that he is memorizing Bible verses. Loved the haircut. He is for sure Nathan Neighbors son!!! Give him a hug and tell him we love him so much!!!

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