Ellis is Two

Well, it’s official!  Though many of you who know Ellis might have thought he was already in his “terrible 2’s”, he was officially not there until this week.  His birthday was Thursday and we’ve been celebrating ever since.  We had a party for lunch with Bebop and Nana at the house – then a party for dinner with some friends and neighbors.  Then on Saturday, we had his big party at Happy Hollow Park.  He had lot’s of fun at his Cowboy Party and loved the gun and holster he got to wear.  Somehow he knew exactly what to do with a firearm (scary). 

Ashley always says that I write alot of blogs up about Anderson – but this one is about Ellis.  We love him so much and only joke about his terrible two’s.  But really he and Anderson are wonderful little boys (or big boys as they would say).  For more pictures from the party and the whole weekend – check out my Facebook page.

One Comment on “Ellis is Two

  1. Just in case you didn’t know this, it is actually the 3’s that are terrible so you have a long way to go!!!! Give Ellis a big birthday hug from the Roberts clan.

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