The Return of the Tuareg Cross

After talking with the students this week at Centrifuge, it seems that an important part of our summer was left out. For the last two summers I used an African cross necklace as a symbol of group unity and encouragement. The Tuareg cross is a special cross given to me by my sister after her mission trip to Mali West Africa in the early 90’s (click here to see related blog). For the past two summers our youth at Morningside Baptist Church have passed it from one person to the next – each time giving it to someone who has been seen that week or day reflecting Christ. Originally, I decided not to pass it this summer because I thought that it might get over used and lose it’s effectiveness. I was wrong. It was the hot conversation this week at camp at church group time. They all wanted to know where it was this summer. It has become more to them that I ever imagined when I initially passed it to Nic Moore in May of 2006. So, tonight we started passing the cross around again. I gave it to Ashley Tate for her Christ-like heart and her willingness to go as a chaperon this past week to camp. My prayer is that through passing this cross necklace, the students will be more drawn to the Savior who gave His life on it over 2000 years ago.

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