Pictures from Poland

Hello America.  Things are going very well at camp in Poland.  It’s midnight here on Monday (Tuesday Morning).  We just wrapped up our second night of worship with the students a few hours ago – and it was awesome.  The music was amazing, the drama was moving, and the Spirit of God began moving among the students.  It’s still hard to tell how they are receiving the message being preached, but today was much better than yesterday.  They are interacting a lot with our students and asking questions and paying closer attention in worship.  Today we started our recreation times and the group building games that our recreation team led helped tremendously with the language barrier.  The karaoke night that our fellowship team led this evening helped to.  It’s amazing – no matter whether you sing in Polish or English – bad singing crosses all cultural lines.  It was a ton of fun.  By the end of the night all Polish and American students were doing a conga line around the room to some crazy Polish song.  We loved it.

Tomorrow we have a group of Polish students who are good musicians that are going to form a Polish worship team to join with our band to do more Polish worship.  So far things are going well with the singing and we have a Polish young woman singing with us and trying to do dual language on songs.  However, I think that this Polish band will not only help to involve more of them in worship, but also help connect the message more clearly to them in their own language. 

I have been trying on and off for eight hours now to upload this picture slide show of some of the pictures we’ve taken over the last few days, but I’ve been unsuccessful.  We’re using an Internet connection that must be from 1994.  However, click on the following link and you should be taken to the sight that has the pictures.

By the way,  if you’re keeping track of the Tuareg Cross that we are passing.  Here is where it’s been:  from Aimee to Jeffrey to Ashley to Katie Inclan and she gave it to Paul tonight.  See you on my next blog.  Thanks for keeping up with us and praying.  I think we’ve have almost 300 hits on this sight in the last two days.

14 Comments on “Pictures from Poland

  1. Dear Ruth, Jack, Cathy and Rebekah:
    It was good to see your pictures and know that all is going well. We are praying for you daily and more often besides. We Love You.
    Mom and Dad Ellis

  2. I have probably hit on this site 100 times!!! Loved the pictures!! It is exciting to actually see what is going on so far away!! You are all still in our prayers. You know you are still in our prayers constantly!! Love to all!!!

  3. Pics are great! But, then we knew they would be……What a team!!! Thanx, again, Nathan for your time in sharing this wonderful ministry with all of us! I know Kimberly could not have celebrated her birthday in a more wonderful, blessed way.
    Our prayer is that you will continue to feel God’s Presence in your worship time-we know he is there; but a special blessing when you can see his moving among all those young people! Just continue to plant those seeds…..Love and prayers to all of you.

  4. Thanks again Nathan for taking the time to post an update for us here in AMERICA! I can’t wait to read your blog each day. And wow – what great pictures. Looks like Morningside is having a wonderful time. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. ILY Jordan!

  5. We prayed for you guys in staff today. The Lord will provide everything you need as you minister in Warsaw. The pictures are great and it looks like the weather is being kind to you also. I know it is getting close to rise and shine there on Tuesday, and I pray for all the Lord has in store for you on this day.
    In Christ,

  6. Hello! It is great to here that you all are having an awesome time. We have been praying for you. We love you! Hi Martha Lee!
    Subetha and Chris

  7. Hi there! It is good to hear about the mission trip. The pictures are great! We are praying for you and know you are being taken care of so well. Have a great day on Tuesday! By the way…Sarah started eating cereal today:) She loved it:)

  8. I finally have a minute to look at your blog. Ellis loved looking at the pictures and identifying people on them. Talk about a vocabulary-he’s talking non-stop. I could not tear Anderson away from the TV to look at the slide show, but he does keep asking when you all are coming back and says he misses you. I am going to keep up Mommy’s Target tradition and take them for popcorn & a drink shortly. Stay safe and I hope all continues to go well. Much love to you all!
    Mom Ellis

  9. I enjoyed seeing the pictures…though I only know 3 of you!! The Elmore’s in Mount Vernon, GA are still praying for your group and the youth of Poland daily.
    God Bless You,
    Kay Elmore

  10. WOO HOO!! Pix! Nathan, you are doing a phenomenal job of keeping us in the loop while you work almost 24 hrs/day there. You are AWESOME! The spider web pictures brought back very fond memories of my work as a ropes course facilitator. 🙂 Those activities really DO transcend cultural and language differences. Good move!
    I miss you guys, but I am soooo happy that all of you are getting to have this experience. Please pass my love along to Nic, Ruth, Cathy, Becca, Ashley, Jack, Holman, Diane, Aimee, Jody, and you(and others I have overlooked)! You guys are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs to all,

  11. Thank you to Nathan for the long hours and meaningful updates to those of us back here in the USA; blessings on Mark for the photos and video -what a tremendous link they provide to you all; and congratulations to all you old folks keeping up your energy to support and guide our kids in their work for the Lord! I know that the entire team is working hard and I know that your message of love is getting through. Constant thoughts and prayers, Jim

  12. Nathan,

    Great pictures. What an experience for our kids. We are praying for you and can’t wait for each blog. Tell Aimee we miss and love her and are very proud of her.

  13. Nathan,

    Thank you for the pictures and thank you Mark for the video. What an impression the team in giving to the youth in Poland. You are sharing the Gospel in an incredible way. I know all of you are doing an awesome job. We are praying and sending our best to each of you. His grace is sufficient! Mrs. Carole

  14. Hi Neighbors , Katie, & Morningside Baptist Youth! We here at FBC are praying for ALL of you! Great things are going on at Morningside and it is obvious that lives are being changed because of the work you guys are doing. Thank you for answering the call. God is smiling tonight because of you! –Marie Johnson

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