Video a la Poland

Here is the video from our first day at camp (Sunday). Mark Alexander has been working hard and late into the night everyday to produce a great video of the previous day’s events. The quality is low on this YouTube version, because of size and the Internet, but the real thing is awesome. I’ll try to upload more videos soon. We’re wrapping up our third night at camp and the students are just leaving worship and heading to our night life activity (ultimate frisbee). Keep praying for us. Please pray especially that God would pierce the hearts of the students who need to know Him as Savior and Lord. Would you intentionally pray from 1:30pm-2:30pm (your time) tomorrow (Wednesday) which will be during our evening worship hour. Pray for our worship leaders, for our teenager who will give her testimony, and for me as I share the Gospel. In addition, pray that our translators would clearly communicate what is said in English to Polish.

15 Comments on “Video a la Poland

  1. AWESOME!!!! Looks like things are going great!!! Thanks for giving us a look into what is going on there. Tomorrow will be a special day of prayer for all of you!!

  2. Nate and crew,
    You have outdone yourself on the video. Kudos to Mark. Thanks for allowing Katie to experience Christ through M Side.

  3. Good video. Mary Rose and I watched it tonight before going to bed. Looks like you are all having a great time. She said to tell you she loves you:)

  4. Way to go Mark. You Rock! The Lord has wonderful and miraculous plans even beyond our greatest imaginations. You are and will continue to be in my prayers.


  5. Our prayers are with you. Great video. Greetings to Jeff Briscoe and all the others. Our LORD is awesome and will do a mighty work through you. Love to all.

  6. Mark, what a gift you have!! Can’t wait to see alllllll of the videos! 🙂

    I’ll pray as requested…that won’t be hard since I am praying almost all the time anyway. SMILE!

    It was great to see “my boy” on the video. You sure know how to put us Moms (and Dads!) at ease…for lack of a better description. My brain is dead!

    Love to all,

  7. Great Video! Thanks for sharing with us. We will be praying for you tomorrow. Lots of Love, Chris and Subetha

  8. I love the key hole view of Elise. It looks like you all are having a great time. Please tell Jeff Brisco I woke up at 5:00 A.M. this morning (our time) and said a special prayer for him and his family. I can’t wait until all of you get home and share all your stories with us. We will be praying for you especially during your evening worship service. Prayers and hugs to everyone.

  9. Mark,

    Great video. So glad that everything is going great! The whole group was prayed for at Prayer Meeting tonight. You all have been in my prayers and thought each day. Have a great finish to camp!

  10. We are excited for you as you minister for our LORD. We pray for a revival both in Poland and the USA. Blessings to all. Each of you have been chosen for this moment by our LORD before HE formed the World.

  11. Było naprawdę SUUUPER!!
    Thank You! 🙂
    I miss You so much!

  12. Było przewspaniale wraz z wami 🙂
    This camp is the best on the world!!!
    Let`s go green team!!!! 😀

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