End of Ignite Youth Polish Camp

We’ll we’re done with camp. I’m sitting in the lobby of the (nice) hotel where we are staying in Krakow. Camp ended this morning and it was really hard to leave. The students at camp helped us pack the bus and even ran down the street waving goodbye while crying. This camp was an amazing time with the Lord – more so than just about any mission trip I’ve ever experienced. It’s been a while since my last blog because the internet service was slow and any down time we had with the computer not being used in worship – Mark had to use it to do video editing. I will post all the videos in the next couple of blogs. I need to go soon, but I want to share two short stories:

Polish Drum Using Sam's Pens To Worship

Polish Drum Using Sam's Pens To Worship

1. Wednesday night at worship, some of the Polish students formed a band to play for the service. It was great, but there were no drum sticks for the drum that was at the seminary. The boy used writing pens to play it. The pens where from Sam Copeland. Sam, your pens where not only used for students to write down their devotional thoughts, but actually used to bring glory to God in worship through song. Wow. I attached a picture below. Thanks for praying for our students, Sam.

2. Last night was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had. We did a prayer experience with the students during worship. I lasted from 9:00pm-11:30pm (1hr of which was solid prayer). Even after 11:30pm, over 15 Polish students stayed in the sanctuary to pray and deal with things on their hearts. We know of at least one teenage girl who accepted the Lord as her Savior and almost all the rest of the 50 students from Poland rededicated their lives. Our students where changed too. We had a number of our own students rededicate their lives as well.

Thanks for your prayers – they were felt. We have a day of touring Krakow tomorrow and then travel home on Sunday. See you then!

By the way, read the previous blog (the Monday video is now working).  Also, since I last wrote the cross has been passed from Katie Roberts to Anna Grace Hall and now onto Martha Lee Lancaster who is wearing it now.

5 Comments on “End of Ignite Youth Polish Camp

  1. 1 person making a life changing decision makes the trip worth every bit of effort that was put into it by many people!!! Hope you have a great 2 days of touring and we are counting down the hours until you are home!!! Thanks again so much for allowing Katie to be a part of this wonderful experience!! Thanks to the Morningside youth for accepting her into their group and making her feel a part of them. Love you all!! See you Sunday!!!!

  2. Wow! I love the video. I know the Morningsie kids and the Polish kids will always remember this week. This experience will shape you and change you forever. God is using you and molding you into the person he wants you to be.
    A big thank you to Morningside,Nathan and all the others who helped to make this mission trip possible. Hope you have a great rest of the trip. We are anxious to see you Sunday night. May the Good Lord bless and keep you until we meet again.

  3. The videos have been great… can’t wait for the full Hollywood screening. Wishing I were there! It is obvious that our many prayers for the camp have been answered. I trust that God will use the sights of tomorrow’s tours, especially Auschwitz, to give new perspective on Poland’s history, and the awful capabilities of sinful man. Special prayers for a safe trip home.

  4. Incredible journey for all!!!! Can’t wait to see you guys, hug some necks (get ready, Nic!!!!), and hear alllllll the stories.
    Am praying for you as you tour…

  5. What an awesome experience! God has used this opportunity to change the lives of all who were present and all who will hear the stories. Enjoy your down time in Krakow and have a safe trip home. I will continue to pray for God to touch your lives in a special way through this experience.


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