Another Video from Poland

It’s Wednesday afternoon here in Poland. We are preparing even now for worship tonight. It’s been a good, but rainy day. Things are going great and the team is doing well. We bought the team pizza last night and ate it at our nightly meeting – everyone loves a youth minister who gets pizza! Especially when we’ve been away from American style food for about a week now. Below is another video made by Mark. This was the video from our Monday activities. I hope you enjoy seeing your children, friends, and family serving the Lord so faithfully in Warsawa. Pray for us tonight at worship. 7:30pm (1:30pm your time). I’ll blog again soon. By the way, the cross was passed from Paul Inclan to Katie Roberts last night.

7 Comments on “Another Video from Poland

  1. Pizza? Give them Bigos and Sernik. Tell Gustaw, he can get these wonderful Polish treats. It’s getting close to the train ride time. You might want to teach the youth (and adults) how to play “HEY COW.” It makes the train ride more interesting and the Polish folks will think you are nuts. Keeping ya’ll in my prayers.


  2. Glad to hear everything is going so well. It has rained here some too. Is the time flying by or does it seem like you have been away from America for a long time? I can tell you that from the standpoint of us parents back home – it seems like you have been gone for an eternity! I continue to enjoy your blogs and look so very forward to them each day. I also look forward to your return and hearing all about the trip. We love and miss you Jordan! I hope you are having the most awesome time of your life. PS – So can we play “Hey Cow” here?

  3. Nathan, you are doing an incredible job!! If the videos won’t upload, we can see them when you guys return…so “don’t sweat the small stuff”. πŸ™‚
    Give my love to Nic, Ruth, and the gang.

  4. Tell everyone I said hey. SO how was the trip over there? Hope you’re doing fine.

  5. May the Lord bless each of you as you finish strong. I pray that the God may work in each of you and minister through you there in Poland and back home in South Carolina.

    With Love from the Father

    Pastor John “a Missions Freak”

  6. It looks like ya’ll have had a blast. Mark has done such a great job on the videos! It was nice to see Caleb in the last one. I was beginning to wonder if he had made it past the airport!! Hope ya’ll enjoy that nice hotel stay and have a safe flight home Sunday!!

  7. The video was WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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