Following My Guide

It’s Sunday night around 11pm here in South Carolina and we just got in from our Youth Pool Party and Bible Study.  Most of our Polish friends are probably sleeping right now, but when you wake up on Monday here is the devotional thought for our second week after Ignite Camp (it’s session 7 in your books). 

Though it’s only been about ten days since summer camp in Poland ended, it seems like longer.  So many of our students wish they could go back and keep living life at camp with their Polish friends.  It truly was an amazing experience.  But, real day-to-day life sets in and life goes on here in Spartanburg, SC.  Life goes on in your Polish towns too.  However, what kind of life will that be? 

Some of the flame that was burning so bright in your heart at the Ignite Camp in Warsaw may be flickering by now.  Lesson 7 is all about Satan’s attempts to speak lies into our lives and the Holy Spirit’s attempt to speak the Truth.  John 10:10 says,  “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  Satan would love nothing more than for you to put Ignite Camp in the back of your mind and file it away as just a good week, but nothing more.  The Truth is it was life-changing for you and you need to let the commitments you made make a difference in your daily life from now on.  Don’t let yourself slip back into the old ways of living.  Get plugged into your church, find someone to help you stay accountable, pray, worship the Lord with out ceasing and stay connected to one another through this website, facebook or anyway you can. 

God has amazing plans for you, but “the evil one” would love to lie to you and tell you you’re worthless – don’t believe it!  Believe the Voice of Truth!  Allow God to be the “guide for your life” and the only one you follow.

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