The Status of Our Youth

Tonight was our Poland Mission Trip report at the church. The team shared about our amazing experience by sharing testimonies, songs and seeing the trip video. During our trip I told the 18 students that we took to Poland that I wanted to write down one thing about each one of them that either impressed me or I noticed about their time on the mission trip. Most of our students are on Facebook and always update their, “status” – so I thought what better way to write about them than to give their status from my perspective. This is the list that I read to the congregation tonight:

1. Brittany Eberhart is an amazing self-motivated young leader for the Lord.

2. Lee Lancaster is exploding in her faith and not afraid to tell others.

3. Aimee Godfrey is a dynamic and driven young leader in worship.

4. Anna Grace Hall is now connected to so many Polish and mside friends.

5. Katie Roberts is all grown up and fully devoted to following Christ.

6. Rebekah Dodds is seeking out those who need a friend and reaching beyond the surface.

7. Cathy Dodds is a steady anchor of leadership among the mside youth.

8. Jordan Merck is always able to make us laugh, but is also serious about her Savor.

9. Samantha McSwain is a new addition to the group, but a great asset to the Kingdom.

10. Elise Welch is ready to face college after being such a great example of Christ in Poland.

11. Molly Inclan is a young woman with depth to her faith.

12. Paul Inclan is allowing God to take his passion and energy to communicate the Gospel.

13. Jeff Brisoe is a different guy than before and a great recreation leader.

14. Caleb Hoover is young in age, but maturing greatly as a disciple of Christ.

15. CJ Holcombe is no longer the quiet guy in the back of the Youth Room, but an energetic young man with leadership potential.

16. Chase Robinson isn’t just a guest anymore…he’s an important part of the mside youth.

17. Nic Moore is using his technical mind to bring glory to God through media in worship.

18. Katie Inclan is the girl Nathan saw with her hands raised high, tears flowing down and pouring her heart out to God in worship.

One Comment on “The Status of Our Youth

  1. Nathan, I thought that was a really neat thing you did thinking of the kids and what their status could be in relation to how you see them. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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