Summer Reflections ’08

The Summer has come to an end, but the memories of what God has done in your lives and the evidence of his work in you will forever be with you. Students, allow God to use you for his glory at school this year. Here is a video reminder of your amazing Summer ’08. Everywhere we go…may people see Jesus in us.

3 Comments on “Summer Reflections ’08

  1. This really has been a great summer! Mark did an awesome job on the video. I’m glad you posted it since I didn’t make the service.

  2. Thanks again for allowing Katie to be a part of Morningside’s summer!! To all who went on the Poland mission trip, thank you for accepting her into your group and making her feel a part of you!! You are an awesome group of young people and we continue to pray for you daily. May you all have a wonderful school year and may your light always shine for Jesus wherever you are, in whatever you are doing. A special thanks to the chaperones and to Nathan and Ashley for caring and loving Katie!!! We love you all!!!!!!

  3. Amazing! What a summer of wonderful memories for the youth and parents of Morningside! It seems only yesterday, Nate, that you were one of the youth; now you lead the next generation. I’ll never forget the summer you went on a mission trip and come home to dedicate your life to God. GOD IS SO GOOD!
    Love, Mom

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