First Day of School

Mrs. Sizemore and Ms. Patterson

Ellis with Mommy, and his Teachers

Today was a big day in the life of the Neighbors family.  Anderson started 4K at Pine Street Elementary School and Ellis had his Open House this morning at Morningside for his 2K class.  It’s hard seeing them grow up, but it’s exciting at the same time.  We love the boys so much and want them to grow up to do great things and become wonderful – Christ following – young men…just not quite yet.

Anderson loved school today (especially all the different center times).  He also had his first experience going through the lunch line like a big boy.  So, the first day is over and the boys are fast asleep.  Tomorrow we do it all over again – and thousands of times again before they leave our home and are all grown up.  We don’t want to miss a second of it.  We will treasure every moment and Ashley will document it with pictures every step of the way.  Here are a few from today.

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