The Spark Starts

We just finished our launch service for Ignite.  Ignite is the new contemporary worship service for students at Morningside.  It went really well.  We had about 50 people tonight for our opening service.  This was a great “spark” to start this Ignite service that gives students the opportunity to fan the flame of their faith during the middle of their hectic week. The Ignite worship band was awesome, Cathy led our scripture reading and Lee Lancaster gave a wonderful testimony about what God’s up to in her life.  It has been wonderful seeing our students take steps forward in their walk with Christ and in their leadership.

This service is really an outgrowth of our Mission Poland team and the student’s desire to introduce their friends to Christ.  So, a small team of our students worked for the last month to start this service and tonight was the launch.  We kicked off a four week series tonight on Truth.  There are alot of ideas in the world about what is “true.”  The point from tonight’s message was – “you either live by faulty sources of truth or by Truth.”  As we spend the next few weeks considering the truth of Christ – pray that students will come to Ignite and meet Christ and understand the Truth of who he is for the first time.  If you missed Ignite tonight, please come to church Sunday or to Ignite next Wednesday.

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