Poland in the Courier

We made the news.  In the August 28th edition of the Baptist Courier, they published an article about our recent Youth Mission Trip to Poland.  Here is an image of the article that can be found at there website in the news section.  The Courier’s website is http://www.baptistcourier.com.  The actual article that was printed in their newspaper, included the group picture we took on the steps with the whole camp at the Seminary in Warsaw.  It’s great to see fellow believers around our state hearing about all the things God did in the lives of our students at Morningside and in the lives of the young people in Poland.  Maybe it will encourage other churches to send youth mission teams on their first international mission trip.

Image the kind of impact we could have on the Kingdom if every Baptist church youth group in South Carolina sent a mission team out this summer (whether here in the USA or abroad).  That would be awesome.  You might assume that all church youth groups send out mission teams – that’s just not the case.  I can remember last summer sitting among a group of about 600 students (representing about 100 or more churches) at Centrifuge and being one of only about 10 churches who were going on a mission trip that summer.  During one of the services the camp pastor had these churches who were going on mission to stand and they prayed for us.  Though I was grateful for the prayers, I was broken hearted over how few people stood up.  May we be not only be on mission at Morningside, but also encourage other churches to do so as well.  We still have a Great Commission.  It doesn’t end until Christ returns.  May we always be “going.”  Or as my friend Tracy Turner always says about Sunago at the Spartanburg BCM – “we gather to go”!  That’s what it’s about.

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