30 Ways Book A Great Resource

30waysbookWhile on vacation last week I read a couple of good books.  The best one by far was a new book by Rebecca Hagelin called, “30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.”  This book was awesome and I highly suggest that all parents of children and teenagers read it.  I’ve already let one of our moms in our church borrow my copy.  When she’s done you’re welcome to borrow my copy.

Mrs. Hagelin hits the mark on helping parents guide their children through this media saturated and over sexualized society.  Though I read it in under three days, it’s set up to read a chapter per day for 30 days and make commitments each day to make changes in parenting styles.  As a youth pastor, this book is right on target with where I am with teens and families in our church.  I particularly like that this book isn’t simply a book of statistics of how bad things are getting in the lives of families and teenagers.  She gives many of the statistics, but she also offers a ton of examples from her life and the lives of the readers of her column on how they have raised their children.  In addition, she lists many great resources for parents to help them in their great task of raising great kids.  Though Hagelin is a believer, she writes this book in such a way that a non-Christian would relate to her too.  If you’re a parent, grandparent, or if you minister to children or youth – this is a must read.

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