God’s Word This Summer

godwin_bible460A few weeks ago I challenged the youth at Morningside to read the whole Bible this summer. I committed to lead the way and began reading this past Monday (June 1st). So far…so good. Today I completed Exodus.

The reading plan that we’re doing divides the entire Bible into readings for 90 days. In order to read it all this summer we have to read at least 12 pages per day. It’s a tall order. It means committing about an hour a day (or in my case, more – I read slow), but it’s worth every minute.

I’ve spent the last seven days deep in the story of how it all began with creation, Adam & Eve and all the way to Moses… leaving Egypt, and now the building of the Tabernacle.

Join me in this summer reading challenge – it just might change your life forever. To me it’s impossible to come away from God’s Word the same as I started.

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