Passing the Cross Once Again

cross 001This weekend we began passing the Tuareg Cross among the teenagers in the youth ministry for the summer.  This is the fourth summer what we’ve passed this cross among the teenagers at Morningside.  Martha Lee Lancaster started the cross by passing it to Nic Moore on Sunday night.  Both she and Nic are serving this summer as Child Evangelism Fellowship Summer Missionaries.  They are helping lead Bible clubs for children all around our county this summer.  Martha Lee was able to lead a child to Christ this past Friday.  She passed it to Nic who will carry it on to our Mission Trip to Canada this Saturday and then it will be passed each night of our trip to various teenagers and adult leaders on the mission team.  The person who is carrying the cross passes it to someone in the group whom they saw Christlikeness in that day.  Be sure to check back for daily updates on our mission trip progress and the passing of the cross.

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