Mission Canada Day 1

We’ve traveled today from Spartanburg, SC to Pittsburgh, PA.  It’s been a long day, but a lot of fun.  The charter bus was wonderful and we were able to watch about four movies that helped pass the time.  Everyone is doing great and we’re headed to our hotel rooms now for the night.  Tomorrow we are up early again and headed to Canada.  We’re going to spend tomorrow afternoon touring around Niagara Falls and spend the night in Niagara and then on to M-Fuge in Kingston, ON on Monday.  Check back for more updates each day.

2 Comments on “Mission Canada Day 1

  1. Hey, guys!
    Glad to hear that you have the first leg of the journey behind you….and that it has been safe. I am continuing to pray for everyone and for the success of this trip.
    To Nic, Cathy, and Becca….I miss and love you guys!!!!! Have a blast, make a difference in folks’ lives, and make awesome memories.
    Gentle reminder: POSTCARDS. Smile!

  2. Many prayers are going with you! Scot and Ryan, take it all in — this is a trip of a lifetime. Make it memorable. Take loads of pictures. Be warriors for Christ everywhere you go! Much love and many hugs to Nathan, Ryan, Scot, and sweet Ashley! Mom/ Aunt Rose

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