Mission Canada Day 3

Today (Monday) we arrived at our destination. We’re staying at a college in Kingston and participating in Mission Fuge. There are about 100 other people (from 7 other churches) here. With our 40 – we’ve got 140 at camp. Needless to say, there’s a large Morningside presence. We’re divided into six ministry groups and tomorrow we go out to ministry sites around 10am. Groups will be doing ministry such as: painting a church, leading a backyard Bible club at a Salvation Army, leading a local church’s VBS, doing recreation at a Boys & Girls Club, doing creative arts at nursing home, and other ministry at the Salvation Army. As you can tell, tomorrow will be great. Tonight the cross was passed from Jeff Briscoe to Lauren Lytle.  Keep praying for our team. By the way, I’m feeling better. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. I’ve recieved over 20 emails of people who are praying for us.

4 Comments on “Mission Canada Day 3

  1. Thank you Nathan for the updates. It sounds like it is going to be a wonderful impact on our teens. We appreciate all that you are doing with them. So glad you are feeling better. Take care of my girls and tell them I love them and miss them.


  2. Glad everyone is having a good time. Be safe! Tell Anna Grace we said Hi!
    Ginger and Randy

  3. Nathan, We just got back from our vacation. This is my first chance to look at your blog. Thanks for the updates. God has got GREAT things in store for you all this week!!! We are praying that He will use each of you to touch the lives of the people of Kingston for eternity! Tell all the youth, especially the new high school graduates, we are praying daily for them.


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