Mission Canada Day 2

Today was a great day for the team. We arrived in Canada, checked into the hotel, toured Niagara Falls, road the Maid of the Mist into the Falls and then watch fireworks over the Falls after dinner. We’re headed to Kingston tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel better (I’ve been a little sick today). Here’s a picture from today taken by Sean Lytle. The cross was passed from Nic Moore to Jeff Briscoe.

5 Comments on “Mission Canada Day 2

  1. WOW! Sean is a GREAT photographer!! Amazingly gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing. Nathan, I hope you feel better SOON. Blessings to you all, and make God’s presence known in Kingston. 🙂

  2. Nathan,
    Please tell JD we miss him and love him! Beautiful pic!! And we will pray for you to feel better soon.

    (JD’s mom)

  3. Nate, you’re not supposed to be sick! Please take care. Love to all! Mom

  4. Hi there you guys!!! Hope you are better, Nathan.

    How about telling Taylor she had better get ready to buy a little baby something. There is another Mitchell baby on the way. Love Ya!!

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