Coming Home from Mission Canada

Today is our final day of our nine day journey to Canada for our 2009 mission trip.  We’ve had a wonderful time.  We’ve seen many sites, learned from God’s Word, met new friends, shared the Good News of Christ, ministered to the people of Kingston, and been confronted head on by spiritual warfare.  It’s been a good mission trip.

Last night, the teenagers had a great night last night looking around Hershey’ World of Chocolate and now today we’re just a few minutes from boarding the bus for one final day of travel to Spartanburg.   Hopefully we will be home between 6:00pm and 7:00pm tonight. I’ve not mentioned the Tuareg Cross for the last couple of days.  Since I last mentioned it – it was with LeAn Ross.  She then passed it on to Molly Long…who passed it on to Anna Robinson…and then she passed it Friday night to Collin Briscoe.  It will be passed one more time today during our worship time on the bus and that person will be wearing it when we arrive back at Morningside.  See you then!

One Comment on “Coming Home from Mission Canada

  1. Nathan, thanks for another life-changing trip….you are doing an awesome job!! Saying thank-you seems so inadequate…I hope that you know my heart. And, Ashley, thanks for the hug yesterday! We missed you guys!!

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