A Few Days at the Beach

Untitled-1Ashley and I are at the beach for a few days with the boys and some of my extended family.  It’s been a great time to relax after a long summer of ministry and a mission trip to Canada with the youth from Morningside.  We went to Pawley’s Island Community Church yesterday for Sunday worship.  Other than that, we’ve simply been relaxing by the ocean, playing in the sand, swimming in the sea, and riding bikes.  Not to much of a schedule – just time together.  This has been a good chance for us to spend time with my mom, my aunt and some of our cousins too.

We’re heading back to Spartanburg tomorrow and taking the youth at Morningside to Atlanta for a trip to Stone Mountain & a Braves baseball game.  The boys will get to go with us on this trip, so hopefully it will be a great time on ministry with the youth, but also a great family memory too.

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