Spring Retreat TwentyTen: Day 2

Today was a great day at Magic Kingdom.  It was the free day that our students earned because they all “gave a day” serving in our community in Spartanburg.  Cool thing for us, is that we were not only able to serve…but serve in Jesus’ name.  We started our day at 6:00am with breakfast and were fast on our way by 7:00am.  We were in the park by 8:30am and off for a “magical day.”  Everyone had a great time in the morning, but by late afternoon it was raining so hard we thought we would need an ark to get to the hotel…lukely the church bus made due.  Now I wish I had ordered mside youth ponchos to go along with our mside youth bags and notebooks.  In the end we got all of the students safely back to the hotel to dry off and then took them to dinner and a movie.  Now it’s time to sleep again before another big day.  Day three of our trip will be spent at Sea World.  Hopefully everyone will stay a safe enough distance from the “killer whales” so we don’t have to do the Jonah and the whale message for morning devotions.

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