Spring Break TwentyTen: Day 3

Today we took the students to Sea World.  Because of the heavy rains we let them sleep in and then headed to the park around 9am.  It rained a little on the way over, but once we were in the park for a few minutes – the rains stopped and the sun slowly began to peak around the clouds.  All in all it was a great day.  In fact, most of the students liked Sea World better than Disney.  The rides were cool, the shows were outstanding, and the weather was wonderful.  My favorite part of the day was the dolphin show.  The Shamu show was good, but the whales didn’t behave and they had to stop the show to get them back on track.  I also never saw a trainer getting in the whale tank either.  I guess they are still a little careful since the incident a few weeks ago.  I think everyone has had a great time on our Twenty Ten Spring Retreat.  We’re heading back to Spartanburg in the morning and will arrive around dinner.  Be sure to join us Thursday night for the Maundy Thursday Service at the church…I’m giving the Lord’s Supper Message.

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