Dead Man Walking

On Easter Sunday we began a four-week study on temptation with the mside youth.  This morning’s devotional reading from LifeWay’s KNOWN 07 material is right on target.  Here’s an excerpt from the devotional:

The devil wants us dead.  But if he can’t have us dead, he wants us to live as if we are dead.  Spiritually dead with no visible sign of a transformed life.  Imagine what is must have been like to be Lazarus.  Raised from the dead after being in the tomb for four days.

There are only a few mentions of Lazarus after he was raised from the dead.  But it’s clear that he was very close with Jesus and he was quite the talk of the town.  Word of his resurrection spread to the people all over.

The fact is you have been raised from the dead if you are a Christian.  You were a sinner – spiritually dead – but you were brought back to life by Jesus Christ.  That is fact, but do you really believe that?

When sin rules you life, you are living like you are dead.  That’s exactly where Satan want you.  But if you’re truly alive in Christ, why do you keep choosing to sin?  It’s time to start living like you are alive.

Join us tomorrow night at Ignite where we will continue our conversation about trials and temptation from James 1.

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