All You Can Eat

Saturday night Ashley and I went to a great restaurant called the Tadpole Fish Camp where Jacob Balmer and his family works.  It was great.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone out for seafood.  It was a great date night for Ashley and I and some great food. Speaking of food, check out one of the devotionals for this week from our Known 07 curriculum by LifeWay.

Imagine a huge buffet with piles of fresh shrimp, crab legs, tender roasted prime rib, fresh steamed veggies,and trays of beautiful desserts.  There’s molten chocolate cake, fresh-made ice cream, along with fresh fruits and berries.

You sit down and notice a half-eaten chicken drumstick under the table.  Disgusted, you call the host to show it to him.  To your surprise, he picks it up and begins to say how delicious it looks.  In fact, it looks so good that you shouldn’t waste time going to the buffet line when you have a perfectly good half-eaten drumstick right here.  Then he tries to convince you that the buffet line really isn’t that good.  After a little while, you start to agree and decide to eat the half-eaten chicken leg from under the table. Gross!

Jesus promises a “buffet” in your life, but when you fall into temptation, it’s like wanting the half-eaten drumstick.  The devil’s good at convincing you that the “buffet” is not good.  God has great stuff in store for you.  Don’t settle for the devil’s lies and distractions.

Be at Ignite on Wednesday to learn more about staying clear of the devils distractions and living an abundant life in Christ.

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