Pre-Vacation Picture

Anderson came home from school a few weeks ago and said that he wanted us to take a vacation to Washington D.C. so he could see where George Washington and Abraham Lincoln lived.  We told him that they were dead…and he said, “yea, I know…I just want to see their statues.”  This past weekend Anderson drew us this picture.  Notice the details: the White House with two columns out front, the black limo, the American flag, even the eagle on the left.  I love it.  I just had to blog about it so you all could see his creativity.  I guess we better go to D.C. for our vacation in June.

One Comment on “Pre-Vacation Picture

  1. I know what I’ll do — I’ll send my precious artist grandson Nana’s Wish List. Let’s see — I’ll start with a trip to Scotland to visit the land of my ancestors. Of course, I’ll need a new wardrobe, a huge, luxury car with a driver for our excursions abroad, and sweet little grandchildren to attend to my every whim. Naturally I’d want travel tickets for the whole family so we could all vacation in the family castle together. I will not be greedy and ask for a private jet — first class will do, and, of course, I’ll need quite a sum of money to entertain such a crowd. That should be enough wishes for the present. Okay Anderson — start drawing — Scotland, please.
    Cheer-e-o, old chap!

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