Mission Charleston Day 1

So we’re here at Charleston Southern University with about 200 other students from around the country for Mission Fuge 2010.  There are teams from Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and of course, South Carolina.  Today our students broke up onto about 11 teams.  Here’s a list of what they did on their 1st day at their mission sites:

  • Painted two preschool rooms at a local ministry site
  • Played with children and helped lead a day camp at Camp Charleston
  • Beach & Pier – relational evangelism
  • Clean up at a local boys home
  • Served at the downtown Boys & Girls Club
  • Played games with kids at a local neighborhood park
  • Did yard work for a shut-in
  • Led a bible club at a church
  • Visited with senior adults at a local nursing home

5 Comments on “Mission Charleston Day 1

  1. Love those shirts!!!! Praying this is a Kairos moment for each of you this week! Love you all!

  2. So glad to hear that you all arrived safely and have already made such a big contribution to the community!! The group photo is wonderful…and I have been able to see all those whom I love. SMILE.

    Praying for each and every one of you. I have my list!

    Hugs to all….but especially Nic and Cathy…giggle,

  3. Glad you had a safe trip to Charleston. Sounds like everyone started with a BOOM. As I read I started getting tired from all that was accomplished. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the team and the ones that you have contact with that God’s glory will be lifted up. Take care and be safe.

  4. Hey, I am going to try to send this one more time….I sent it yesterday, but it never made it to the site….hope you guys see it this time! 🙂

    Am glad you made it there safely….love the photo!! Hope you are surviving this incredibly HOT weather….drink lots and lots of water. Smile.

    Special hugs to Nic and Cathy,

  5. Hey guys & girls!! Great pict. Keep up the good work. We are praying for all of you this week. Our hope is that you can touch lives thru the Lord’s work and return home with a blessing. See you soon!

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