Nehemiah 13:15 – Job 7:21

This section of reading today covers from the end of Nehemiah through the book of Esther and begins the story of Job.  What a ton to consider.  We’re also on our first day of mission site work at Mission Fuge Charleston 2010 today.  The theme this week at camp is Kairos: Defining Moments (kairos is the greek word for time).  How cool is it that God would have us reading the book of Esther today.  Though God is not spoken about directly in the book of Esther – He is suddenly all over its pages.  We’ve learned that “Kairos” time is different from “Kronos” time.  Kronos is like the time of day.  Kairos used when talking about an important event or crisis of decision point.  I think that’s probably the kind of time that Mordecai was referring to when he challenged Esther to stand up for her people and be their voice to King Xerxes.  His famous words ring true today and fit well with our theme of Kairos and character building this week at camp.  Mordecai said, “…and who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14b)  For who knows but that we as the mside youth ministry have come to MFuge Charleston this week for such a time as this.

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