Matthew 5:1 – Matthew 15:39

In today’s reading we’re now officially into the to New Testament.  There is so much depth to all that Jesus says in these pages.  It’s hard to know what to write about.  The thing that strikes me most of all is Jesus’ constant knack for turning what the people thought about the law on its head.  Here are some examples:

Law = Do Not Murder….Jesus says….don’t be angry with your brother (Matt 5:21-26)

Law = Don’t Commit Adultery….Jesus says, don’t even look lustfully on a woman (Matt 5:27-30)

Law = Love your neighbor…Jesus says, love your enemies too (Matt 5:43-48)

Ultimately, Jesus came to give the people a radically different view of what it means to follow God than they had once thought.  He truly came to show them how to live life abundant and free.  Following Christ means paying a high cost.  It means putting Him first in everything…even before your parents, spouse and children. (Matt 10:37-39)  Though it’s a high cost to follow Christ, it is well worth it.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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