The Path Of The Cross

Our fifth summer at Morningside is coming to an end.  It’s been a fantastic summer filled with Vacation Bible School, three local Bible clubs, a mission trip to Charleston, a rafting trip, and a trip Carowinds for the Big Youth Thing.  This is also the fifth summer that we’ve passed my Tuareg Cross.  Each summer we pass a cross necklace that is called a Tuareg Cross from person to person within the Youth Ministry.  My sister brought it to me as a gift from her mission trip to Africa in the 90’s, but now it’s passed among our students as a way for them to encourage one another.  They pass it each day of our summer adventures to someone in whom they see Christ.  Here’s the path of the cross this summer:

  • Meredith Pheffer (VBS Day 1)
  • Anna Robinson (VBS Day 2)
  • Brittany Eberhart (VBS Day 3)
  • Aaron Ross (CEF Training Camp)
  • Lindsey Tate (Bible Club Day 1)
  • Caroline Ross (Bible Club Day 2)
  • Emily Parker (Bible Club Day 3)
  • Steven Chen (Bible Club Day 4)
  • Jacob Ross (Bible Club day 5)
  • JD Weeks (Mission Trip Prep Week)
  • Jacob Balmer (Mission Trip Day 1)
  • Hunter Smith (Mission Trip Day 2)
  • Nic Moore (Mission Trip Day 3)
  • Justin Briscoe (Mission Trip Day 4)
  • LeAnn Ross (Mission Trip Day 5)
  • Lindsey Tate (Mission Trip Day 6)
  • Elisabeth Lytle (Mission Trip Day 7)
  • Janna McClure (Space Invaders – Ross’)
  • Aaron Ross (Space Invaders – Bastin’s)
  • Connor Bastin (Space Invaders – Dodds’)

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