Matthew 26:57 – Mark 9:13

Today’s scripture reading took a different and refreshing twist for me today.  Not only did I get the privilege of reading about the life of Christ through the ninth chapter of Mark, I had the unique privilege of reading the passage today aloud for my mom by her bedside at the Baptist Hospital in Columbia.   This summer has been filled with many exciting trips and events in my family and ministry, but also a great deal of stress because of mom’s hospitalization.  I drove down today to visit with her and had a great time.  We ended our visit by me reading the Word of the Lord to her.  How cool.  She and I read passage after passage in these verses of Christ’s healing of the sick.  As we read of healings long ago – we were celebrating the work of the Lord in my mom’s health today.  God is so good and today was just another great example of His awesomeness.

One Comment on “Matthew 26:57 – Mark 9:13

  1. Nathan! Wow what an awesome memory of sharing scripture together. Praying for you and your mom.

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