Mark 9:14 – Luke 1:80

Is God a great vending machine in the sky?  Is he a genie in a bottle simply standing idly by waiting on our next request?  In today’s scripture reading there are dozens of wonderful accounts of what Jesus did and said while on earth.  The one story that stands out to me is found in Mark 10:35-44.   James and John (sons of thunder) went up to Jesus and were bold enough to say, “Teacher, we want you to do for us whatever we ask.”  Then they went on to ask to be able to be at his right and left hand in heaven.  They were asking for authority and power.  James and John wanted to be first in line.   How crazy is that question?

Though we may not use those exact words, how often do we treat our relationship with Christ this way?  How often do we simply come to God with our laundry list of wishes and requests?  James and John’s request may seem absurd, but many of us have treated the Lord this way at some point.  Forgive us Lord when we treat you this way.  Help us not desiring our own will, but your will be done.

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