Luke 2:1 – Luke 9:62

The Gospel of Luke was written by Luke the Physician.  He comes across in his writing as a detailed person.  However, there are four words that jump out to me in today’s section of scripture.  In the chapter three Luke speaks about John the Baptist and then tells the story of Jesus’ baptism by John.  He then begins to give account of the lineage of Jesus – to give proof that Jesus is the Messiah.  Just as he begins the list of men from Jesus back to Adam, Luke says, “He was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph.” (Luke 3:23)  What?  Did Luke not know for sure that Joseph was Jesus’ earthly father?  Maybe this gives us indication that Joseph really wasn’t there or was dead by the time Jesus began his ministry.  It’s obvious that Joseph isn’t mentioned in the Gospels past Jesus’ childhood, but we never know exactly what happens to him.  I just find the words, “…so it was thought…” to be a little odd.   If Luke is supposed to be a details kind of guy and he is about to go down the person-by-person lineage of Jesus, surely he should know that Joseph was part of that lineage.

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