Mark 3:25

I’m jumping back to a verse that was in the section of scripture two days ago.  I’ve never noticed it before.  I read it the other day to my mom, but forgot to mention it in the that day’s blog.  She commented that she had never noticed it before either.  Mark 3:25 says, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannon stand.”  (also in Matthew 12:25)  Most people would say that these are the words of Abraham Lincoln.  He did uses these words in one of his most famous speeches as he accepted the Republican nomination for the race in Illinois for Senate on June 16, 1858.  He was quoting this scripture and using it to describe the rift that was forming in our nation over slavery.  Lincoln was a good leader of our country…many people look up to him even today.  I’m just glad that he looked up to Jesus.

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