Acts 6:8 – Acts 16:37

In this section of scripture we begin to see the early Christian church facing persecution and even death because of their faith in Christ.  Here are just a few of the stories that mean a lot to me and to our faith as Christians.

  • Stoning of Stephen – when Stephen testified of his faith in Christ the opposition, “could not stand up against his wisdom or the Spirit by whom he spoke.”  (Acts 6:10)  It was the Holy Spirit who spoke through Stephen and it was He who received the glory.  The people stoned Stephen to death and made him the first martyr.
  • The Church Scattered (Acts 8) – Because of Stephens death and the onslaught of persecution that followed, the church scattered throughout the land.  Though the people were persecuted, the fact that they had to scatter and move around – that helped them get out the Good News of Christ.
  • Evangelism 101 – (Acts 8:26-40) – Philip witnessing to the Ethiopian
  • Saul’s Conversion – (Acts 9)

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