Acts 16:38 – Acts 28:16

Today’s scripture reading gives some insight into the life of a pastor as we read about Paul and his companions’ ministry.  Here are some things we can learn about ministry from Paul:

  1. Preach the Good News (Acts 17:18)
  2. When you tell the Good News, some will accept it and some will not. (Acts 17:32-34)
  3. The Good News will sometimes lead to controversy. (Acts 19:23-41)
  4. When you’ve completed what God called you to do in one place, be willing to go where God sends you next. (Acts 20:1)
  5. Try to be creative in your teaching and don’t be too long-winded. When you preach too long you may not be able to bring people back to life who die when they fall down due to you preaching “on and on.” (Acts 20:9-10)
  6. When you’re in ministry, you will make sacrifices.  Sometime that will mean time away from family. (Acts 21:5-6)
  7. Your testimony of what God did in your life is one of the best tools you have for sharing your faith. (Acts 26)
  8. Giving your life to serve the Lord doesn’t mean it will be easy – but it’s worth the cost. (Acts 23, 24, 25, 27)

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