James 3:13 – 3 John 14

Though there is much depth and wisdom from the Lord in all of the books that are part of today’s reading, I want to point out a phrase in 3 John. Normally when people read scripture they occasionally read out of 1 John, but rarely out of 2 John or 3 John. In fact, 3 John is only 14 verses long.

In 3 John 4 it say, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” I know the writer is talking about his fellow Christians and not his actual children, but give me some liberty. I love this verse. What an amazing banner for parents to hold up and pray for. Ashley and I look forward to the day when our boys will come to faith in Christ. We pray daily for that and try very hard to teach them about the importance of our relationship with Jesus. There’s no greater task for a parent than to lead their children to know the Lord. Help us Lord…speak to the hearts of our children…draw them to you in your perfect time.

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