Jude 1 – Revelation 17:18

Though today’s scripture reading includes a large part of Revelation, I am going to leave discussion about Revelation for my last blog tomorrow.  Today I want to focus the Book of Jude.  Jude is a very short book and it’s one of the more disputed books of the Bible.  There were those who thought it shouldn’t be part of the Cannon.  In this book’s brief 25 verses of scripture Jude gets right to the point.  He’s warning the people of those in their midst who have, “secretly slipped among” them.  (Jude 1:4)  He warns that there are people among them that will try to lessen the gospel of Christ and cause division.  The passage that stands out the most to me is when Jude describes these people as, “shepherds who feed only themselves.” (Jude 1:12)  It sounds as if he’s talking about pastors or church leaders.  Wow, I hope that is never said of me.  May I never be a shepherd who is worried more about me than those I’m called to lead.  Jude is a short, but powerful word from the Lord.

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