A Radical Book

Though I love to learn new things about the God I love and the ministry He has called me too, I’m not an avid reader.  Ashley, on the other hand, can read a book in a day.  Despite my lack of reading, this week I finished my second book in three weeks.  You would think that during this busy holiday time I would have less time to read, but this book captivated my attention.  I kept wanting to go back to it again and again.

Radical is the new book by David Platt.  Platt writes with a sincere conviction for the American church to return to the purpose for which Christ died for them.  His passion for the lost and his heart for world missions is contagious.  I’d highly recommend reading it.  Be warned that if you do, be ready to be convicted by the Holy Spirit to step away from the American dream and into the dream God has for the world to hear the Good News.  It’s an easy read – but hard to live.  That’s what’s so great about it.  I pray that God will continue stirring in me what he wants me to do with what He has taught me through David’s book.

One Comment on “A Radical Book

  1. It’s awesome! We should do a Bible study on it…spring discipleship? Sooo good.

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