The Mside Band’s Sophomore Album

Tomorrow we’re giving the youth at Morningside the second album from the Mside Band.  This project includes six songs and involves ten musicians.  It was recorded in the youth room at the church back in June of this year.  The songs on this project include:  “Happy Day,” “Hosanna,” No Sweeter Name,” “Everlasting God,” and “Jesus Paid It All.”  In addition, Holly Bannan added one of her own songs, “Holy Are You God.”  Holly Bannan, Andy McClure, Rick Hennecy, JD Weeks, Jacob Balmer, Janna McClure, Aaron Ross, Meredith Pheffer, Lee Lancaster and I were part of this year’s project.  It’s titled “Side B” since it’s our second attempt at creating wonderful worship music.  Our prayer is that these songs will glorify the Lord and help lead those who listen to Christ.  Special thanks to Mckelvie Wilder with for recording, editing and mixing this album.  To God Be The Glory!

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