An mside student has an app for that

One of our eleventh grade students at Morningside has created three iPhone apps.  Aaron Ross is a 17-year-old student at Morningside and attends Spartanburg High School.  He just finished three applications that can be downloaded from the iTunes app store for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.   The apps include two free games: Scramble -A-Word and Choose Well – Puzzle Games and most recently a free music app called freeTunes.  The music app is legit.  It allows users to search for and download virtually any song for free.  The app works much like iTunes.  The only difference is there is no charge for the music.  It’s totally awesome and completely legal.  Check his work out in the Apple App Store today.  Help him out and encourage his creativity by spending a $1 and buying a copy today!  I hope his next app will be an mside youth ministry app.  Look for it soon.

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