Luke’s Face

20111103-212058.jpgToday I went with Ashley for our third ultrasound so the doctor could be sure that Luke was growing at a healthy rate and to make sure everything was good. While they were doing the ultrasound the technician used her gagillion dollar machine totake a 4D image of Luke’s face. I know we’ve come a long way with technology, but this is totally crazy. With a slide of her wand she was able to see not only outlines of Luke, but his actual face. Simply amazing. We truly are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

2 Comments on “Luke’s Face

  1. Thank you for introducing Luke to us. Isn’t it amazing that you can see him so clearly. I’m excited for all of you and grateful for this little life. You are a wonderful family and Luke is
    going to bring joy to you and all of us who will be apart of his life. We love you guys!
    Carole and J.J.

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