Hello Christmas

Each year we get our students a special gift around this time to tell them Merry Christmas and that we love them.  Typically it’s a clothing item or bracelet with our mside youth logo on it.  This year I wanted to give the students a Christmas gift with a bigger purpose.

A few months ago I came across Hello-Somebody.  They are a Texas-based ministry whose mission it is to, “feed and educate children, by providing an avenue of knowledge, in order to break the cycle of poverty and hunger within their generation.”  This is the kind of God-sized mission that gets me fired up.  Hello-Somebody has only been in existence since 2009 and is run by a handful of people – yet they’ve fed over a million people and are now helping sponsor boys in Rwanda through Africa New Life.

Hello-Somebody sells watches, shirts, and hoodies to help support the work that they’re doing around the world.  These $25 watches are not only awesome looking, they’re also very practical.  The purchase of each watch helps feed over 100 meals to a child.  If you want to buy more for your friends for Christmas you can even sponsor a child in Rwanda.  The purchase of 70 watches sponsors a boy for a year’s worth of schooling and food.

Check out Hello Somebody and get a watch.  If you didn’t make it to the Christmas party on Wednesday, come by and get a watch from me or order one online today.

One Comment on “Hello Christmas

  1. What an incredible gift idea! Thanks I have already been to the website and placed an order! I check your blog regularily to keep updated on the Neighbors family! So happy about your newest addition! Hope you all have a blessed christmas!

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