A Baby Changes Everything

This week baby Luke turns four weeks old.  To say that things are different around our house is an understatement.  Even though he’s our third child, a new baby in the house changes the whole dynamic.  We had just gotten our other two boys to the point of being pretty independent (dressing themselves, going to the bathroom on their own, brushing their own teeth, and even helping clean around the house).  Now we’re  back at square one with a new baby.  Sleepless nights, 3:00am feedings, and dozens of daily diaper changes are part of our routine again.  A baby changes everything.  I’m thirty-five years old and have done this twice before, but getting back into the swing of caring for a newborn has really thrown me for a loop.

Can you imagine what it was like for Mary?  She was an unwed teenager giving birth to a baby boy in a stable and having to lay her newborn down to sleep in a feeding trough.  Did Mary fully comprehend the immense impact her baby would have on the world?  Her little swaddled infant was about to change everything in her life…and in the lives of every person who walks this planet.

One of my favorite Christmas carols reminds us what life was like before Christ:  “Long lay the world in sin an error pining.”  But then he appeared.  When Christ…Immanuel…God With Us came to this world there was, “a thrill of hope and the weary world rejoiced”.  Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection changed the world.  He changed my life and I hope he’s changed yours too.  This Christmas may our lives be changed by this baby.

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