Love The City Day 1

It’s the end of a 17 hour work day on our first day of Loving the City of Spartanburg.  What a day it’s been.  We worked on a house on North Forest in downtown Spartanburg.  There is no way to adequately express all that God has done today.  But let me share a few of the highlights.

#1.  We woke up to rain, but left our morning devotion time to clearing skies.

#2.  We had nearly 60 volunteers help transform the house.

#3.  Students actually asked to go door-to-door delivering food and the Good News to all the surrounding neighbors.

#4.  God let us meet an angel today.  Towards the end of the day a neighbor named Mark walked up and offered to help .  He was a professional roofer and he jumped right in.  In fact, he took over and finished a whole side almost by himself.  More than that he’s coming back tomorrow to finish what we couldn’t.  He said that he had done a lot of wrong in his life and needed to begin giving to others.  He may not be an actual angel, but the Lord is working in his life and God used him to be an angel to us and to the roof work for Ms. Keenon.

#5.  A hail storm was predicted to hit us – and it passed by with barely a few drops of rain.

#6.  People from Morningside ranging from six years old to seventy plus came together to be the hands and feet of Christ.

#7.  Ms. Keenon’s house now has: a new roof, freshly painted trim and front porch, freshly painted kitchen, new flooring in the kitchen, a refrigerator, cooktop, vent hood, bed (she had no bed before), ceiling fan in her bedroom, and a new hot water heater (her water heater has been broken since 2005 – she hasn’t had a hot bath in her home for seven years).

#8.  Ms. Keenon was overwhelmed by the love of these students.  Our church was overwhelmed by Ms. Keenon’s love for us.  We are all overwhelmed by Christ’s love.

We have three more amazing days ahead of us.  Keep praying for our mission team.

One Comment on “Love The City Day 1

  1. God works in so many ways each day. On this day he worked through each one of you!.. Let’s just praise the Lord for the good weather, for each person who helped in any way, for the sweet spirit of Ms. Keenon, for the materials and tools to do the job, and for the spirit of working together by the team. It’s great to be apart of a church that reaches out beyond the walls of the church building and gives of their time, resources and love for God to those in need. To God be the Glory!

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