There’s No Place Like Home

A few days ago Anderson’s teacher (Mrs. Fisher) asked the class to write a journal entry about a place that makes them happy.  To our great surprise we found out that Anderson wrote about our house.  This was an in-class assignment so he came up with this totally on his own.  Though he hash’t accepted Christ as his Savior, it’s awesome to see him drawing closer to it as he talks about how much he enjoys reading the Bible at the dinner table.  The phrase that makes me just want to bust with pride is when he writes about bring his kids one day to this home.  I sure do hope this continues as he goes through the teen years (though I know better).  More than anything I pray that the Lord will continue to help Ashley and I raise all three of these little boys to become men who follow hard after Jesus.  We want our home to be a place where Jesus is spoken of all the time and where children are loved, encouraged, and discipled.  In the day-to-day hectic pace of being in ministry and raising three boys we don’t always get it right.  Ashley and I sometimes fail as parents and as partners, but it’s awesome to see that at least in this moment it’s making a difference for Anderson.  May our homes be places where disciples are made.  That’s the place where God designed it to happen in the first place.

2 Comments on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. What an uplifting story – thanks for sharing it with us! His letter says so much about what a great job you both are doing as parents. We love you. J.J. and Mrs. Carole

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