Costa Rica Day 1

I’m writing this as I sit here in the dark looking out over the lights of San Jose Valley. Our team is fast a sleep after a long day of travel and meetings. We’re staying in a beautiful home that is part of the Out of Bounds Hotel here in Escazu, Costa Rica. Our flight was good, but delayed by an hour because Vice President Biden was traveling either in our out of Charlotte and security stopped flights for a short time. Either way we made it and are all settling into the “pura vida” life of Costa Rica.
Pura Vida is a common phrase here is Costa Rica. It’s used as a greeting or farewell as a way of saying, “live life” or “have a good one.” Literally it means pure life. As believers in Christ we know that we have a Pura Vida (an abundant life) in Christ (John 10:10). This week my prayer is that many will see our lives and be drawn by the Holy Spirt to come to faith in Christ so they too can experience true Pura Vida.

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