Costa Rica Day 2

Our second day is coming quickly to an end. I’m writing this from my phone as we ride home from a hard day of construction work. The days are shorter here in Costa Rica. It’s light outside from about 5:30am-5:30pm. It’s only 6:30pm, but feels more like 10:00pm.
Today we went to work at Carolina’s house. She is one of the young girls that Mariana mentors. We mixed, poured and leveled about 50 wheelbarrow loads of concrete to give her a floor. Needless to say we’re sore, but so full of joy after meeting her and serving the Lord together.

We also had a special lunch time today. We took a picnic up to the top of the mountain to a retired missionary widow’s home. We ate, visited and even sang hymns with her. What a major blessing. Her name is Ruth. She’s 78 years old and lives alone (her children all live in the States), so our visit was a blessing to her as well. Our students though we’re far more blessed by her. Keep praying for the team!



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