Costa Rica Day 4

Here are some of the highlights from this Pentecost Sunday in Costa Rica:

1. Worship was amazing (and the Lord gave me the privilege to preach).
2. The people are beautiful.
3. Church lunch hit the spot!
4. We had around 80 kids at the Bible club this afternoon.
5. Three girls accepted Christ as Savior!

One short story:
At the end of the kids club we handed out gift bags with candy and simple health kits (toothbrushes and toothpaste). One little boy asked another boy which color toothbrush he got. The little boy said, “I got a pink one, but I don’t care because it’s the first new brush I’ve had all year.”

It’s the little things that will break your heart.


One Comment on “Costa Rica Day 4

  1. Nathan, I am LOVING reading these. we are friends with mariana and our family is going for a week in July! we’re excited!

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