Costa Rica Day 5

Today was another great day in San Jose, Costa Rica. We began at 6:30am with devotion time as a group and then headed over to the church for the day. The two primary things we did in the morning were a Bible study for the women led by Suzanne and some construction at the church. The construction group helped make and lay concrete for a foundation for the church’s addition. We also enjoyed authentic Costa Rican food today at breakfast and lunch at the church.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that one of the major ministries we have had this week is with Carolina and her family. The students were so moved by the Lord that we needed to do more so the took up a collection. The students gave enough to purchase bunk beds, mattresses and linens for Carolina’s new room. She will share these with her two children. Carolina was ecstatic! We set the whole thing up as a surprise. Mariana and a few girls took her out for ice cream and to talk more about Christ while the rest of us snuck over and set up the bed. We had our own little extreme makeover here in Costa Rica. The biggest thing is that God is doing an extreme makeover of her heart.

Keep praying. We plant a garden at the orphanage tomorrow. What a great way to spend my birthday (though I miss my family a lot).


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